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Professional dog training services. IMDT certified dog trainer. I am based in Hayle in West Cornwall.

121 Training programmes

If you are looking for some 121 training catered to your dog’s needs then you have come to the right place.
121 training sessions concentrate on any issues that you are experiencing with your furry friend.
I will come to your home where I can assess your dog and work through a training plan with you.

Programme 1

1 x 90 minute consultation

2 x 60 minute sessions


Programme 2

1 x 90 minute consultation

4 x 60 minute sessions


Tiny Tails

Giving your new addition the best start, a 5 week course working on your puppy’s skills to become well rounded dogs, confidence building, all using kind, ethical and positive reward based training.
For puppies up to 5 months of age and after completion of vaccinations.


Hoopers Beginners

5 week introduction course to the fun, low impact canine sport.
Come and have fun with your pooch, building confidence, working together, teaching your dog how to navigate a course of hoops, barrels and tunnels.
Suitable for most dogs over the age of 7 months.


Hoopers Advance

4 week follow on course after completion of Hoopers beginners


Teenage Tails

5 week course for dogs 6 months and over.

Kind, force free, reward based training.

Beginners course, ideal for dogs who have missed out on training or for anyone that needs a refresher.


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